"You don't cook from a book,

you cook from your heart"                           Angelo Chirico

Mike Sherman, a prominent West Hartford contractor, owned all the land that is now Rockledge Golf Course until his passing in 1960. He had developed a fine clubhouse and golf course and though it was called a Country Club, it was open to the public.

The property was handled by the executrix, who in keeping with the wishes of Mike Sherman to maintain the facility as a restaurant and golf course, sold it to the town of West Hartford.

There was some strong opposition, mainly from church groups that felt that a municipal venture should have no part in the dispensing of alcohol since it was thought that it might lead to alcohol in the schools some day. After much debate and referendum, it was voted by the majority to operate the facility as a first class public golf course and restaurant.

The restaurant had seen a variety of restaurateurs over its history, but the most significant change may have taken place in 1996 when a West Hartford restaurateur by the name of Angelo Faenza, who also owned and operated the very successful Prospect Café, won the bid and opportunity to operate the restaurant. The first year brought many challenges including a major renovation to the upstairs portion of the club house, creating a new and spacious restaurant facility. A tavern was also added which offered a more casual dining experience featuring a full lunch and dinner menu for its patrons. Angelo Faenza, and his son Angelo Faenza jr., exceeded expectations by providing West Hartford and its surrounding communities with fine service and food in this relaxing and beautiful setting.

On January 1st of 2002, Angelo Chirico, previous owner of the Fareway's restaurants in Meriden and Berlin, was hired as the new managing partner and soon after,  purchased the restaurant from the Faenzas. The restaurant was later  renamed "Angelo's on Main Rockledge."

And so it is, Angelo's on main rockledge providing fine food and beverage, seven days a week at the beautiful Rockledge Golf Course. Visit us anytime and should you have any questions or comments, just ask for Angelo

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